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Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective

Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective is MYSTERY, FAMILY, and SUSPENSE fiction, featuring the 17 year old son of a premier Homicide Detective, who out of fear that his dad is having an affair, launches his own investigation into this family matter. He is assisted in his investigation when he finds a cell phone in his dad’s wrecked vehicle, and further aided by his new friend and partner, Teresa, who earlier in her life became paralyzed following an affair with a married man.  
During the course of his investigation a wrench is thrown into the mix as Trey falls in love with someone he meets through Teresa. Her mother vehemently denounces Trey, and he can’t understand why. This investigation will lead Trey and Teresa to others who crossed paths with his dad at one time or another, along with other amazing discoveries, that they were not prepared to handle…