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Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective

Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective

Herman L. Hinton

In Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective, a young man takes a circuitous route in his quest to restore the luster in his parents’ futile marriage. While in pursuit of what he believes is the key to restoring happiness in his family, Trey Wilcox, the son of Homicide Sergeant Terrell Wilcox,  meets some interesting people who at one time or another crossed paths with his dad, along with other amazing discoveries. But more than anything else, this long and winding voyage reinforces his belief that family and lifelong relationships are vitally important for survival…

Clarion Review

Police procedure details add depth to this story about keeping a family together.

In this fictional story of family and loyalty, author Herman Hinton is on a mission to restore the concept of family; at the same time, he aims to help victims of violent crime see that they are a valuable part of the justice system, not just pawns used by officers to round up criminals. He accomplishes his goals with Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective, the story of Trey Wilcox, the teenage son of a homicide detective.

As a retired deputy chief of police in Birmingham, Alabama, the author knows police procedure, and he uses his knowledge to add color and description to the book: “Trust me, I try my very best and I emphasize to my detectives, not to get personally involved in any of their cases.”

Readers interested in family drama will find this book interesting.

Lynn Evarts